I grew up in the ’70s, so I’m having a very hard adjusting to the fact that bald eagle sightings are now a daily occurrence for me.

I’m only now beginning to feel slightly human again after losing a week to the most spectacular head cold I’ve had in years. Watching my immune system fight this cold was like watching someone try to build an intricate model airplane while being pelted with coins.

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Another bookmark for the series.

I just found this in a book I bought during my only visit to Elliott Bay Books (and to Seattle), in 2014.

A bookmark with a drawing of an old three-mast schooner at the top. Below, a quote from Andre Maurois: In literature, as in love, we are astonished at what is chosen by others.

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Some above/ground author activity

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Cover image for the album If Not Now by Meredith Bates, showing a flat blank wall and the bottom right corner of a boarded up window and window sill; precariously rooted at the corner of the sill, a small plant is growing

Last, next.

96: Nat’l Parks (Yellowstone)
97: Autumn Trilogy (Scarlet Oak)

Two Field Notes memo books side by side: one used, one new

I’ve just learned the formidable Otoliths has ended its run after seventy issues.

Few lit mags have published such a dizzying variety of work while also maintaining such an unmistakable and singular vision. Its intrepid editor, Mark Young, is a wonder.

A poem of mine, “Four Lessons” has just appeared in the fabulous Guesthouse. Many thanks to Jane Huffman for including it among such excellent company.

“Four Lessons” is from my book, Vessels, which will be published next year by Unsolicited Press.

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