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1: A through H (And he wrote my name next to yours)


  • Buzz AldrinNASA Clapping (Jewels for Sophia)
  • AngeloCertainly Clickot (Eye)
  • Princess AnnePoint It at Gran (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • ArthurMelting Arthur (I Wanna Go Backwards)
  • Mr AvonThe Ruling Class (Greatest Hits)


  • BarneyJewels for Sophia (Jewels for Sophia)
  • Syd (Roger) Barrett1974 (A Star for Bram)
  • BarrySandra’s Having Her Brain Out (A Can of Bees)
  • BelindaThe Rat’s Prayer (A Can of Bees)
  • Uncle BernardThe Ruling Class (Greatest Hits)
  • BetsySatellite (Eye)
  • BettyHave a Heart, Betty (I’m Not Fireproof) (Invisible Hits)
  • BloatySandra’s Having Her Brain Out (A Can of Bees)
  • BradCertainly Clickot (Eye)
  • BradleyGoodnight I Say (Fegmania)
  • Alan BreezeWax Doll (Queen Elvis)
  • BrendaSandra’s Having Her Brain Out (A Can of Bees). The same Brenda as the sledge owner?
  • BrendaBrenda’s Iron Sledge (Black Snake Diamond Role)
  • Briggs(A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs (Olé! Tarantula)
  • BruceClean Steve (Eye)
  • ButterworthAutumn Sea (Queen Elvis)
  • David ByrneFreeze (Queen Elvis)


  • CaesarNietzsche’s Way (A Star for Bram)
  • Captain DryCaptain Dry (You & Oblivion)
  • Caroline (eniloraC)I Am Not Me (Moss Elixir)
  • CenturyCentury (Eye)
  • ChamberlainCynthia Mask (Eye)
  • Raymond ChandlerRaymond Chandler Evening (Element of Light)
  • Clint (Leo? Jeff? Dennis?)Intro to Eyes (Greatest Hits)
  • Kurt CobainViva! Sea-Tac (Jewels for Sophia)
  • ColinSometimes a Blonde (Spooked)
  • CookThe Rat’s Prayer (A Can of Bees)
  • David Crosby1974 (A Star for Bram)
  • Crowbar JoeThe Pigworker (A Can of Bees)
  • CynthiaCynthia Mask (Eye)


  • DandyWax Doll (Queen Elvis)
  • (Leonoardo) da VinciBorn on the Wind (Propellor Time)
  • de ChiricoDe Chirico Street (Moss Elixir)
  • Mr DeadlyMr Deadly (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • DeanVegetation and Dimes (Perspex Island)
  • Bob De NiroMr Tongs (Jewels for Sophia)
  • DennisFlesh Number One (Beatle Dennis) (Globe of Frogs)
  • Dennis (see Clint: Intro to Eyes)
  • DennyThe Ruling Class (Greatest Hits)
  • DoverCertainly Clickot (Eye)
  • Nick DrakeI Saw Nick Drake (A Star for Bram)
  • John DyerCaptain Dry (You & Oblivion)


  • EdwardVictorian Squid (You & Oblivion)
  • Clint (Eastwood)(A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs (Olé! Tarantula)
  • ElaineFreeze (Queen Elvis)
  • Claire (Ellen)Clean Steve (Eye)
  • Mark EllenClean Steve (Eye)
  • (Brian) EnoSaturday Groovers (Goodnight Oslo)
  • EricCertainly Clickot (Eye)


  • FeatherstonehaughAutumn Sea (Queen Elvis)
  • FelliniOne Long Pair of Eyes (Queen Elvis)
  • FlanaganFlanagan’s Song (Spooked)
  • Mr Dennis ForbesSleeping with Your Devil Mask (Globe of Frogs)
  • Harrison FordDriving Aloud (Radio Storm) (Respect)
  • FrobisherAutumn Sea (Queen Elvis)


  • (Greta) GarboGrooving on a Inner Plane (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • GinoOlé! Tarantula (Olé! Tarantula)
  • GladysReturn of the Sacred Crab (A Can of Bees)
  • GrahamSomewhere Apart (Element of Light)
  • GranPoint It at Gran (Invisible Hitchcock). Pretty sure this is just “grandmother,” but I’m keeping it in.
  • GraceSalamander (1976–81)


  • Gene HackmanDon’t Talk to Me About Gene Hackman (Jewels for Sophia)
  • (Merle) HaggardEnglish Girl (Spooked)
  • HappyHappy the Golden Prince (Black Snake Diamond Role)
  • HarryHarry’s Song (Love from London)
  • (Jimi) HendrixViva! Sea-Tac (Jewels for Sophia)
  • HeatherThe Pigworker (A Can of Bees)
  • Audrey HepburnAntwoman (Jewels for Sophia)
  • HerThere’s Nobody Like You (Underwater Moonlight)
  • HesterOld Pervert (Underwater Moonlight)
  • HimThere’s Nobody Like You (Underwater Moonlight)
  • Raymond (Hitchcock)Raymond and the Wires (Robyn Hitchcock)
  • HitlerCynthia Mask (Eye)
  • Mr Gareth HobbesSleeping with Your Devil Mask (Globe of Frogs)
  • Lieutenant HodgesBass (Element of Light)
  • HoystGive Me a Spanner, Ralph (Invisible Hitchcock)

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