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2: I through O (My name is gone from all the files)


  • IdoniaIdonia (Luxor)
  • Iggy (Pop?)Trash (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • Irene?Night Ride to Trinidad (Gravy Deco)


  • Elizabeth JadeElizabeth Jade (Jewels for Sophia)
  • JahRock ‘N' Roll Toilet (Invisible Hits)
  • JanetGoodnight I Say (Fegmania)
  • JaniceIt’s a Mystic Trip (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • JasperDe Chirico Street (Moss Elixir)
  • Jeff (see Clint: Intro to Eyes)
  • JesusJudas Sings (Jesus and Me) (A Star for Bram)
  • JimLike A Real Smoothie (Underwater Moonlight)
  • JoannaGive Me a Spanner, Ralph (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • JoannaTropical Flesh Mandala (Globe of Frogs)
  • JohnGive Me a Spanner, Ralph (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • JohnJohn in the Air (Propellor Time)
  • Brian JonesTrash (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • JosephineEarthly Paradise (Perspex Island)
  • JoyceGive Me a Spanner, Ralph (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • JoyceSleeping with Your Devil Mask (Globe of Frogs)
  • JudasExecutioner (Eye)
  • JudasJudas Sings (Jesus and Me) (A Star for Bram)
  • Judas PriestWhere Do You Go When You Die? (Storefront Hitchcock)
  • JudithIt’s a Mystic Trip (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • JuliaI’m Falling (Goodnight Oslo)
  • JulietChinese Bones (Globe of Frogs)
  • (Junior)Ted, Woody, and Junior (Element of Light)


  • Arthur KaneN.Y. Doll (Olé! Tarantula)
  • KateThe Devil’s Radio (Moss Elixir)
  • KeithUltra Unbelievable Love (Perspex Island)
  • KenBelltown Ramble (Olé! Tarantula)
  • Miles KennedyMr Kennedy (Nextdoorland)
  • KennethIt’s Not Just the Size of a Walnut (1976–81)
  • KentThere’s Nobody Like You (Underwater Moonlight)
  • Mistress KittyVictorian Squid (You & Oblivion)
  • Vyrna KnowlVyrna Knowl Is A Headbanger


  • LaszloDon’t Talk to Me About Gene Hackman (Jewels for Sophia)
  • Led Zeppelin1974 (A Star for Bram)
  • Arthur LeeThe Wreck Of The Arthur Lee (Respect)
  • Leo (see Clint: Intro to Eyes)
  • LeppoLeppo and the Jooves (A Can of Bees)
  • LeslieMr Tongs (Jewels for Sophia)
  • (Rush) LimbaughThe Devil’s Radio (Moss Elixir)
  • Ray LiottaMr Tongs (Jewels for Sophia)
  • J.J. LoomisThe Pigworker (A Can of Bees)
  • Nick LoweClean Steve (Eye)
  • LucasJewels for Sophia (Jewels for Sophia)
  • Lucky the PigQueen of Eyes (Underwater Moonlight)
  • LucyI Love Lucy (Nextdoorland)
  • LucyIt’s a Mystic Trip (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • Jacob LurchWax Doll (Queen Elvis)
  • Maria LynMaria Lyn (Luxor)
  • Vera LynnThe Yip Song (Respect)
  • LysanderLysander (Perspex Island)


  • Andie MacDowellDon’t Talk to Me About Gene Hackman (Jewels for Sophia)
  • MadelaineMadelaine (Obliteration Pie)
  • Mao Tse TungThe Devil’s Radio (Moss Elixir)
  • MaureenThe Bones In The Ground (I Often Dream of Trains)
  • MauriceGoodbye Maurice or Steve (Underwater Moonlight)
  • Mel(A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs (Olé! Tarantula)
  • Dr MesserschmittGive It to the Soft Boys (A Can of Bees)
  • MichaelThe Devil’s Radio (Moss Elixir)
  • MidgeOld Pervert (Underwater Moonlight)
  • MiloDe Chirico Street (Moss Elixir)
  • Detective MindhornDetective Mindhorn (Robyn Hitchcock)
  • MiraBorn on the Wind (Propellor Time)
  • MollyThe Yip Song (Respect)
  • (Marilyn) MonroeGrooving on a Inner Plane (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • Marilyn MonroeUncorrected Personality Traits (I Often Dream of Trains)
  • Mr MooseWax Doll (Queen Elvis)
  • MuckyThere’s Nobody Like You (Underwater Moonlight)
  • MurielMuriel’s Hoof (Invisible Hits)


  • NapoleonCynthia Mask (Eye)
  • NapoleonWhere Do You Go When You Die? (Storefront Hitchcock)
  • Natty DreadThe Rat’s Prayer (A Can of Bees)
  • NietzscheNietzsche’s Way (A Star for Bram)
  • (Richard) NixonJewels for Sophia (Jewels for Sophia)
  • (Richard) Nixon1974 (A Star for Bram)
  • Michele (Noach)One L (Luxor)
  • NoddyLeppo and the Jooves (A Can of Bees)
  • NoraUgly Nora (A Can of Bees)
  • NormWe’re Gonna Live in the Trees (Spooked)
  • NormanSandra’s Having Her Brain Out (A Can of Bees)


  • (Gwen) O’Looney Flesh Cartoons (Eye)
  • OsirisFull Moon in My Soul (Spooked)

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