2022-12-14 19:51

Last week, I signed a contract with Unsolicited Press to publish my debut book of poetry, Vessels, in 2024.

More details soon, but first I need to attend to my chapbook, This Folded Path, which will be coming out from above/ground press in the next few months.

2022-09-26 07:00

Apparently, some foolish press has committed the grave tactical error of accepting a manuscript of my poetry, going so far as to claim they will actually publish it.

Why would anyone do this? I have no idea. Were they hopped up on pain meds? Did they lose a bet?

Publishers are inscrutable and are often motivated by strange, dark urges. Best not to dwell too much on their disquieting perversions.

In short, my debut chapbook, This Folded Path, is forthcoming from above/ground press some time in the near future.

Details to follow!

2022-06-13 07:00

A poem of mine, Time & Times, has just appeared at the always wonderful Selcouth Station.

2022-01-17 07:00

A poem of mine, Walls, has just appeared at Autumn Sky Poetry Daily.

2022-01-14 07:00

A poem of mine, Demiurge, is available now in Issue 6 of Wine Cellar Press.

It’s a hay(na)ku, a poetic form I’ve been playing with since 2004 or so. (Learn more about hay(na)kus from its inventor, here.)

2021-10-15 07:00

I’m pleased that a strange old sonnet of mine has found a home in the newest issue of the excellent Wine Cellar Press.

2021-08-01 07:00

A poem sequence I wrote in the late ’90s has just appeared in the newest Otoliths.

Thanks as always to the irreplaceable Mark Young for giving it a home.

2021-07-07 07:00

A very old poem of mine, called Elegy, was published today in the “inaugural expo” of Cool Rock Repository.

It’s so odd to think that this poem is finally seeing the light of day after living in my files for nearly thirty years.

2021-04-30 06:05

Bonus! Deleted Scenes & Bloopers from my poetry mini interview: Songwriting! Sylvia Plath! Bob Dylan! Cults! Hot dogs!

2021-04-23 09:05

Here is the last part of my poetry mini interview.

It’s the shocking season finale! To save our gang’s favorite hang-out from foreclosure, I must perform a thrilling leap on water skis over a shark tank. And in the audio commentary, I talk about what I’m currently working on.

2021-04-16 09:15

The fourth part in my poetry mini interview is up.

In this week’s musical episode, Hal Holbrook — fresh off his Tony award-winning run as the Mysterious Stranger — joins the cast to sing about adjectives. Performed and broadcast live before a studio audience!

2021-04-09 09:15

And here is the third post in my ongoing poetry mini interview.

In this “very special” episode — animated, in homage to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice — I wonder how I know when a poem is finished. Grace Paley guest-stars.

2021-04-02 09:00

The second installment in my five-part “poetry mini interview” has just been posted.

In this week’s exciting episode — groundbreaking in its use of CGI — I answer the question, “What poets changed the way you thought about writing?” Special appearance by the late John Engman in a flashback.

2021-03-27 10:15

What if you asked me a question and I just asked another question in reply? Or a bunch of questions? Would you find it annoying? Why would I do something like that? To be clever and rhetorical, or coy and evasive?

Here is the genre-defying pilot, in which I say the word “accomplish” so many times it stops holding any meaning whatsoever: part one of my poetry mini interview.

I answer one question a week for the next five weeks.

2021-01-19 07:00

A poem of mine, Polly, is up at Autumn Sky Poetry Daily.

I was especially pleased that the editor commented on my use of enjambment, since this was a deliberate and essential aspect, along with the mildly twisted syntax, of the poem’s halting flow. I wanted to create a music that both sang and stumbled, like the faltering breath of a fading life and of the survivor who mourns.

(I’ll be honest, I am just a little concerned that people who like this one may be startled by some of my other poems — like those Edina moms who bought the Replacements’ Pleased to Meet Me after hearing “Skyway” on WLOL as they carpooled their kids to hockey practice.)

2020-12-30 07:00

A poem of mine, Thighbones, Clay, is up at Eunoia Review.

2020-11-16 07:00

Are you looking through the bent-back tulips to see how the other half lives? Well, now you can satisfy your literary voyeurism without all that skulking under windows or peering furtively through the hedge!

My (Small Press) Writing Day

2017-11-01 07:00

Some poems of mine have just appeared at Otoliths.