A collection of divagations I’ve self-published on my blog over the years. Some of these are blog posts that eventually became short essays; some are essays that never became blog posts; some are projects that began as sequences of posts at my blog but now have dedicated pages all to themselves. Some were scraps that took forever to emerge from my notebooks. Mostly, they appear here to pull them out of the chronological slog of my archives. While most of them are stable in their content, some of them may be edited, revised, or otherwise added to as time goes on. “Add another guess to each solution. Nothing’s final.”

❦ Blog Posts that Became Essays

❦ Blog Posts that Didn’t Quite Manage to Become Essays

❦ Poems Originally Published Elsewhere

❦ Projects and Other Distractions

  • Finished: Books I finish reading each month [January 2019–present]
  • Book Spine poems: poems assembled from the titles of books [2018, 2022]
  • The Pencil Tour: A browse through my pencil cups [April 2020]
  • The Random Walk: A month of randomly selected books from my library [May 2020]
  • Bookmarks from shops I’ve visited over the years, and found in used books [July–September 2020]

❦ Meta

  • Tools: A brief overview of the analog hardware I’m using at any given time