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I was just remembering a funny dream I had some time ago. I was in a room in my house (both house and room were not known to me in waking life, but it was clearly where I lived). The room was full of beautiful acoustic guitars, and they belonged to me. They were all fabulously expensive. Some were unique and custom-built, others simply rare or antique. Some were opulent, with exquisite inlays and carvings, others elegantly plain and clean.

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My Actor’s Nightmare

This is a dream I had in high school. I’d had actor’s nightmares before this, of course – and I’ve had many others since. But this one was astonishing in its duration and complexity. Also, even as I was dreaming it, I thought it was hilarious. It begins with our whole cast and crew crammed onto a coach bus as we speed across a vast empty parking lot toward a sports stadium.

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