The best way to contact me is via email: rnv at omg dot lol. Yes, this is a real email address; yes, your message will reach me.

There are other ways to contact me, but I do not recommend them.

  1. I have a Bluesky account, which has recently introduced a DM feature.
  2. Or I suppose you could try to get my attention on Mastodon.
  3. I also have accounts on Instagram and Threads, but neither of them make any sense to me. I will probably not see direct messages there for quite some time. (Do they even have direct messaging? I have no idea.)
  4. I have a blog, (fleeting) (which is where you are right now — hello!) but unless you’re already on Micro.blog, there’s really no way to leave comments here, sorrynotsorry.

Most importantly, I am aggressively offline for the summer of 2024, so email remains the best path forward for you.

(This is a Hello Page, which attempts to explain to visitors such as yourself the best ways to contact me.)