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I’m going to the Ren Fest today for the first time in over thirty-five years, and possibly only the second or third time ever. This weekend’s theme is, apparently, Oktoberfest and I am told there will be yodelers. I think I’ve just developed an anticipatory hangover.

I grew up in the ’70s, so I’m having a very hard adjusting to the fact that bald eagle sightings are now a daily occurrence for me.

Crescent moon through bare branches out my kitchen window this morning, unphotographable.

A Day in the Life.
14 October 2022, 07:30 CDT.
Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Waking up to the first snow of the season.

the railing and wall of a balcony, and the branches of many trees, all dense with fresh snow

This morning, I went inside a bookstore for the first time since January 2020. I picked up part of an online order, I browsed, and I bought a few more books. It was almost normal.

Bookmark with a drawing of a stack of books whose titles spell the word tsundoku the flipside of the bookmark showing the definition of the word tsundoku: acquiring reading materials and letting them pile up in one's home. See also smartpiling

And, of course, I grabbed a pinch of bookmarks.

a pile of bookmarks

(Original series here, with subsequent discoveries here.)