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Chron Job

Here’s a thought I just had. To collate and then read all of Pynchon’s works chronologically.

It would go something like this:

  1. GR flashbacks of Katje’s ancestor, Franz van der Groov, on Mauritius (1750s)
  2. M&D (1761–69, 1786)
  3. ATD and then the flashback sections of V interleaved, leading up to the prewar sections of GR (1893–1944)
  4. the bulk of GR (1944–1945)
  5. the rest of V (1951–52)
  6. L49 (±1965)
  7. the middle of Vineland (±1969)
  8. (Inherent Vice (1971))
  9. the L.A. coda to GR (±1973)
  10. the beginning and end of Vineland (1984)
  11. (Bleeding Edge (2001))

[Note, 5 July 2020: I have inserted Inherent Vice and Bleeding Edge, neither of which had been published when I first wrote this post.]