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Rock Springs

Twelve hours on the road, ten hours driving. The headwinds dropped, the land levelled out, and we maintained much higher speeds for longer stretches. Today was much more like our old roadtrips, and giving ourselves an early evening yesterday was a big part of today’s success.

More massive windmill farms. More pickups driven by cowboy hats. More mountains. Then no mountains. The Rockies tack north and west up the continent, so after our first brush with them, they disappeared again for most the afternoon and evening. Southern Wyoming is flat but gently rolling, with vast panoramas opening out at the most surprising moments. We were usually around 6000 feet above sea level, and we crossed the continental divide twice (or maybe we crossed two of the continental divides once each, I don’t know for sure).

It’s unlikely we’ll have another day tomorrow like today, but if we do, we could be in extreme eastern Oregon tomorrow night. We have options. As I keep saying: as long as we don’t arrive more tired than when we drove away last week; just as tired is fine.

Tomorrow morning: breakfast in Little America at a sprawling and deliciously kitchy travel center, where we’ll buy some goofy postcards.