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3: P through Z (All you leave is your name)


  • St Parallelogram’Cause It’s Love (Saint Parallelogram) (Olé! Tarantula)
  • PatWinchester (Element of Light)
  • Pat Pat SaturdayJewels for Sophia (Jewels for Sophia)
  • PaulWinchester (Element of Light)
  • Paula-LorraineThe Bones In The Ground (I Often Dream of Trains)
  • PenelopePenelope’s Angles (Luxor)
  • Perspex IslandBirds in Perspex (Perspex Island)
  • Joe PesciMr Tongs (Jewels for Sophia)
  • PhilWinchester (Element of Light)
  • Sylvia PlathVirginia Woolf (Robyn Hitchcock)
  • PlatoGrooving on a Inner Plane (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • PlutoGrooving on a Inner Plane (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • PollyPolly on the Shore (You & Oblivion)
  • Pontius PilateWhere Do You Go When You Die? (Storefront Hitchcock)
  • (Monty) Python1974 (A Star for Bram)


  • QueekThere’s Nobody Like You (Underwater Moonlight)
  • Queen ElvisQueen Elvis, Queen Elvis II (Eye)


  • RalphGive Me a Spanner, Ralph (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • RayFreeze (Queen Elvis)
  • RaymondGive Me a Spanner, Ralph (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • RegBass (Element of Light)
  • RegBrenda’s Iron Sledge (Black Snake Diamond Role)
  • ReginaldGrooving on a Inner Plane (alternate version) (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • Kimberley (Rew)Linctus House (Eye)
  • Kimberley (Rew)Return of the Sacred Crab (A Can of Bees)
  • Kim(berley Rew)Ugly Nora (A Can of Bees)
  • Kimberley (Rew)Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole (Invisible Hits)
  • RexJewels for Sophia (Jewels for Sophia)
  • Debbie ReynoldsFor Debbie Reynolds (Shadow Cat)
  • Condoleeza (Rice)Welcome to Earth (Spooked)
  • Robbie babyUgly Nora (A Can of Bees)
  • Mr Rock ‘n' RollMr. Rock ‘n' Roll (You & Oblivion)
  • RomeoChinese Bones (Globe of Frogs)
  • Ronald?English Girl (Spooked)
  • RosamundThe Living Years
  • Linda RyanFlesh Cartoons (Eye)


  • SallySally Was a Legend (Jewels for Sophia)
  • SandraSandra’s Having Her Brain Out (A Can of Bees)
  • SavannahSavannah (Tromsø, Kaptein)
  • Elizabeth SchwarzkopfThe Ruling Class (Greatest Hits)
  • Martin ScorseseMr Tongs (Jewels for Sophia)
  • Mr SeagroveDriving Aloud (Radio Storm) (Respect)
  • SethDriving Aloud (Radio Storm) (Respect)
  • ShakespeareChinese Bones (Globe of Frogs)
  • (Percy Bysshe) ShelleyMad Shelley’s Letterbox (Robyn Hitchcock). I’m assuming that he is referring to Percy Shelley; I could be mistaken.
  • ShirleyThe Living Years
  • Harold SkrindoGoodnight Oslo (Goodnight Oslo)
  • SolpadeineSolpadeine (Luxor)
  • SophiaJewels for Sophia (Jewels for Sophia)
  • Mr SpinksBorn on the Wind (Propellor Time)
  • (Joseph) StalinThe Devil’s Radio (Moss Elixir)
  • Clean SteveClean Steve (Eye)
  • SteveFreeze (Queen Elvis)
  • SteveGoodbye Maurice or Steve (Underwater Moonlight)
  • Dr StickyDr Sticky (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • (Michael) StipeJewels for Sophia (Jewels for Sophia)


  • TallulahAdventure Rocket Ship (Olé! Tarantula)
  • TamerlaneBelltown Ramble (Olé! Tarantula)
  • TedTed, Woody, and Junior (Element of Light)
  • TimmyElizabeth Jade (Jewels for Sophia)
  • Mr TongsMr Tongs (Jewels for Sophia)
  • TrevorIt’s a Mystic Trip (Invisible Hitchcock)


  • VeraThe Bones In The Ground (I Often Dream of Trains)
  • Vince’Cause It’s Love (Saint Parallelogram) (Olé! Tarantula)


  • Lady WatersLady Waters & the Hooded One (Element of Light)
  • Mr WatkinsIt’s a Mystic Trip (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • Mr WatsonNight Ride to Trinidad (Gravy Deco)
  • Mrs WatsonA Globe of Frogs (Globe of Frogs)
  • Charlie WattsTrash (Invisible Hitchcock)
  • H.G. WellsVictorian Squid (You & Oblivion)
  • WoodyTed, Woody, and Junior (Element of Light)
  • Virginia WoolfWe’re Gonna Live in the Trees (Spooked)
  • Virginia WoolfVirginia Woolf (Robyn Hitchcock)

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